Tania Ahsan ‘came out’ as a witch at the age of 18. Twenty-five years on, she has edited occult magazines such as Prediction and Practical Occultist, done group and individual spells and rituals, and spoken at a number of events in favour of Neo-Pagan rights.  She has written features on witchcraft subjects for magazines such as Pagan Dawn and Kindred Spirit and for newspapers including The Guardian.  She has been the witchcraft spokesperson for both TalkSPORT radio’s Howard Hughes evening show and for Christian O’Connell’s radio breakfast show on XFM London.  She also speaks every year at Pendle Witch Camp in Lancashire, last headlining with a talk on the ethics of cursing.  She is currently the witchcraft columnist for Kindred Spirit magazine and is writing books on witchcraft.  She lives in South London and does not have either a broomstick or a cat.